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Shenzhen Linquan Technology Co., LTD.

Intelligent Manufacturing Equipment Overall Solution Provider

Shenzhen Lin Quan Technology Co., LTD. founded in 2013, is a comprehensive intelligent manufacturing solution provider for  integrating automation equipment and industrial software.  Headquartered is in Shenzhen and has a production base in Shanghai.

The company focuses on core technologies such as industrial automation, intelligence, digitalization and networking, and its business covers automation equipment and industrial software, providing high-quality and efficient intelligent manufacturing solutions for customers in new energy, automotive electronics and other industries.

Lin Quan technology has great insights in industry transformation and upgrading demand, highly integrates high-end intelligent system and traditional processing equipment to redefine the automotive wiring harness production pattern, and has accumulated a large number of first-class customers around the world in new energy, automotive electronics field. Linquan has launched benchmarking products in intelligent production, on-line testing and intelligent factory overall solution fields. With many successful cases, Linquan aims to help customers build core competitiveness.

Shenzhen Linquan Technology Co., LTD.

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