New energy automotive & Electronics

Global mega-trend needs more environmentally friendly products to keep sustainable development. The drive mode of automobiles transform from combustion engine to new energy is impending. Increasing demand in new energy automobile means an increasing demand in wire harnesses. The market size of high voltage wiring harnesses will sprout in the next few years. High voltage wire harness manufacture efficiency needs to speed up.

Intelligent production

Manual or half manual wire harness manufacturing industries are still common worldwide. Low productivity and high defective product rate are the pains in this industry mode. Intelligent manufacturing will solve all the problems with full automatic manufacturing process to boost the productivity magnificently. Easy to manipulate devices will reduce the manual cost while raise the qualified product rate. Intelligent system will helps on manage the plants comprehensively.

Online detection

In industry 4.0, remote operations and management became a business-critical activity, while digitization of operations has already been diagnosed as a key differentiation driver. Remote monitoring allows a proactive quality control approach to diagnose and prevent defects a lot in advance within the process for top manufacturing rates and repeatability alongside reduced expenses and waste. While manufacturing and storing products, device-related troubles and ambient conditions can significantly influence quality.

Digital factory & Industry 4.0

In the fourth industrial revolution, “Industry 4.0” refers to a new level of organization and management of the industrial value chain. We also considered it as a modern trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies. Lin Quan has its self-developed MES system. To combine the MES system and Lin Quan wire harness manufacturing center. We can provide the entire Industry 4.0 digital factory layout solution.