Lin Quan After Services

Remote services:
Free phone-calling services when customers meet technical problems or machines defectiveness. We will match the corresponding department to help you solve the problem ASAP. 24-hour hotline at your service.

On site maintenance:
If remote aiding cannot fix your problem, our technicians will show up at the scene within 72 hours to solve the problem.

Normal maintenance services:
Our company provides free maintenance services under warranty period. Including device malfunction removing and system debugging. We recommend contract services while the product is over a warranty period.

Training service:
Lin Quan will provide on-site installation, debugging, training sessions in the event.

Contract periodic maintenance:
Chargeable maintenance service provided by signing the contract with us. Under the contract effecting, our professional technician teams will help the customer check and maintain the machines periodically. Every season we also provide on-site services which include software and hardware inspection, device debugging. We will apply paramount maintenance immediately to eliminate defective part and restore the device to the optimum state.