The Loong Series Harness Manufacturing can produce more wire harnesses of varying degrees of complexity.

It has the functions of Both-end cutting, Both-end stripping, Both-end crimping, Both-end insertion and so on. Reduce production time significantly.

3 or 12 modules can be selected, as required.

The Loong Series is a better choice for miniaturization and increasingly smaller batches.

These machines make it possible to manufacture a range of different wire harnesses.

Technical Parameters

Wire Cross-section0.13mm²-2.5mm²Cutting Length280-9999mm
Power10KWCompressed Air Connection0.5Mpa
Power SourceChina - 380V / 3 Phase / 50 Hz
Canada - 600V / 3 Phase / 60 Hz
USA/Japan - 480V / 3 Phase / 60 Hz
Mexico/Honduras - 480V / 3 Phase / 60 Hz
Europe - 400V / 3 Phase / 50 Hz
Cutting PrecisionCutting length*0.02mm
Stripping LengthFull strip: 0-15mm
Half strip: 0-15mm
Stripping DepthMaximum 3mm
Wire SelectorMax. 50 wire(difference color & cross-section)Connector Types30 kinds of connectors
Wire End StorageRotary storage unit with a maximum of 30 storage spacesCrimping Capacity2.5TON presser six sets
(Can be expanded according to customer products)
Mould Assembly TypeAS40, AS42, AE30(Pneumatic mould can be customized) QC ContentsWire presence, Wire overload, Terminal presence, Terminal overload, Stripping and crimping visual monitoring, Crimping force monitoring, Insertion & pull-back force monitoring
QC DevicesCCD inspection modules, Crimping force monitoring (Force sensor), Insertion/Pull-back force monitoring (Force sensor), Terminal crimped height measuring instrument, Terminal pull force measuring instrumentEfficiencyBoth-end crimping and insertion about 1000pcs/hr (Depends on different producing process and the functional module quantity, productivity is different)
FunctionsAutomatic pre-feeding, Fixed length cut at both ends, Stripping, Both-end crimping, Both-end insertion, Wear waterproof bolts at both ends, Adjust height on display screen, Pull force inspection, CFM pressure monitoring, CCD visual online detectionOptionalLin Quan MES System, Laser print, Inkjet print, Seal insertion (Max 6 modules), Wire stranding, Max.12 crimping modules (with programmable crimp height), Linear-carrier housing feeding/ Plate-loop conveying housing feeding module (According to customer requirements)
The loong 860 is designed for one-stop,lean manufacturing of complex wire harness with less middle storage and less operator engagement. Thanks to robust automated design and outstanding degree of flexibility, Loong-860 could easily adapt both sequence and batch production mode.

High speed mass production capability.

Reliable machine performance.

User friendly HMI.

Flexible modular design.

Short changeover time.

MES Traceabilitys.

Outstanding quality control: CCD inspection & CFM sensor.

Excellent compatibility.

Compatible with third-party data (such as MES, SCADA) interface.

Easy-to-manage part number list.


Crimping Module (C202)

Servo-controlled press assures best crimping result.
Integrated with independent crimping force monitoring unit.
Maximum 12 crimping stations could be applied.
Crimping parameters, e.g., crimping height, could be set, adjusted and displayed at HMI.

Wire Wall

Three-dimensional cable storage system saves factory floor space dramatically.

Wire Selector

Compatible for maximum 50 different wires works synchronously.
Tool-free quick guide tube changeover 0.13-4mm²(AWG26-11).

Cutting and Stripping Module

Applying double high-speed blades(V-shape/R-angle blade).
Adjust stripping data with HMI to achieve ultra precision and clean stripping.
Cutting & stripping variety of cross-section wires without complicate change-over step.

Untwisting Module

Remove wire twists.
Decline scrap rate.

CCD Visual Inspection (TDVM-1)

Integrated QC module, efficient quality monitoring.
Stripping, crimping and center conductor inspection.
Real-time monitoring producing process.
In time detecting scraps.

Seal Station (STA201)

Max 6 seal stations configuration.
Latest smaller, optimized module design for versatile machine configuration.

Innovative centralized seal feeding technology, efficiency and capital investment of sealing to wire have been significantly optimized.
Centralized pre-feeding module S201 makes maximum 4 seal applicators A201 together with maximum 8 magazines work synchronously.
Creative seal magazine model M201 design achieves compact dimensions of seal feeder and change-over time optimization.

Centralized Pre-feeding Module S201

Wire Storage Unit

30 storage positions.
Optimize insertion sequence: from left to right, button to top.
Breakthrough insertion limitations.
Special design for sophisticate wire harnesses.

Insertion Module

Dual insertion clamps structure, ensuring insertion accuracy, stability and efficiency.
Segmented insertion process, integrated insertion and pull-back force detection, declining scrap rate.

Plate-loop Conveying Connector Loading Module

Equipped with two conveying plates, efficient connector reloading.
Versatile connectors loading synchronously.
Enable sequence product producing.
Quick & easy manual final product unloading.